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Now being offered by the Vic Firth Company are Blades®, a new alternative drumstick invented by Camp Harlow’s own Gary Signor.
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    Gary and his wife, Rose Ann, with Vic Firth at the most recent NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Convention in Nashville this past July.

    Blades® are featured in the new Vic Firth catalog and will soon be in music stores and drum shops around the world.

    Jabo Starks , Clyde Stubblefield and Mitch Mcelwain at Summer NAMM 2001

    Archie Pena and Vic Firth at Summer NAMM 2001

    Also, in the September issue of Modern Drummer Magazine (p. 34); Jon Wysocki of the band “Staind” can be seen playing a pair of Blades® at a recent “MTV Unplugged” session in New York.

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