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Previous Guest Book Entries

Name: Don & Kate
Email: dcobrien@earthlink.net
Comment:No comment
Name: mystery guest
Email: can't remember.com
Name: Johnny Moose
Email: Wollenberg@i-55.com
Comment:I guess this is a pr..pr..pr..pr.. pretty good ole web page! Whadiya and we'll see you soon!
Name: johnny g.
Comment:we love you guys. best saturday ever!!
Name: Harvey
Name: Crazy Randy & Edna Frost
Email: fitzfro@aol.com
Comment:Really enjoyed you guys at the Levee this past Saturday (11/10/00). There is no other band for us in our lifetime -- you guys are the best! Hope to see you again soon. Best regards, Randy & Edna E-mail: fitzfro@aol.com
Name: leslie & richard hinton
Email: hintonl@parkhill.k12.mo.us
Comment:What a cool bunch of guys!! Rock on!
Name: Ellie
Email: bsbfan@kc.rr.com
Comment:I really love your music. Can I get your autograph?
Name: Ron & Sandra Harlow
Email: harlow@cuol.net
Comment:Glad to see you have a site!!!
Name: van harlow
Email: midnightnasty@hotmail.com
Comment:hey dad, nice site i will try to email you tonight...
Name: Jennifer Hulet
Email: jenhulet@yahoo.com
Comment:Hey, it's about damn time you got a website!
Name: Jennifer
Email: same as before
Comment:Jimmy, Thanks for the link, I get to have my daily fix now compliments of the audio clips. I am going to try to make it down the Sat. after Thanksgiving. I love you for all my life.
Name: Sally & Hollis
Email: hollisbass@earthlink.net
Comment:Hi guys!
Name: Sally & Hollis
Email: hollisbass@earthlink.net
Comment:Hi guys!
Name: Merry Longsworth
Email: merry.longsworth@kutakrock.com
Comment:Hi Guys - Good job! Merry
Name: Rita "Loxterman" Agenstein
Email: rsa53@yahoo.com
Comment:Great site Jimmy - really like your music!!
Name: Ellie
Email: bsbfan@kc.rr.com
Comment:I enjoy your music dad.Keep on rockin.
Name: Randy Kratschmer
Comment:Hi from Sally and Hollis's e-mail.
Name: Beth Boudreaux and Anthony Hallman
Email: Acadia1979@aol.com
Comment:Great webpage guys!! Everyone tell Gary and my mom to get the internet already!
Name: Leo Nixon
Email: Leobig15@aol.com
Comment:The Olive Garden gave me the wrong meal.
Name: Anne Dailey
Comment:I heard about your group, so I drove down from Heartland Wisconsin to hear you. Wow, you were even better than I had anticipated!!! You really have a "big time" sound. I danced almost every song. Too bad you're so far away....thought the keyboard player w
Name: Bill Brinton
Email: bilbrin@swbell.net
Comment:Nice web site guys.
Name: Roger
Email: rworkman@curryre.com
Comment:I want to play too!!!!
Name: That One Guy
Email: sayhuh@yahoo.com
Comment:Nice site...very informative..will definitely tell all I know to watch your shows.
Name: Nancy
Email: nlarrick@kc.rr.com
Comment:Bruce, I'm impressed! Great job!
Name: yuri
Email: yopuropi@hotmail.com
Comment:Camp Harlow rocks! They are demi-gods!
Name: Ginny Harlow
Comment:Jimmy, enjoyed your site. keep it hot and keep it going. Love, Mom
Name: Rebecca Sidener
Email: nixonbeki@hotmail.com
Comment:I did not know that "goodtime" was all one word. I feel so stupid now. A friend of mine told me that I'm "theoretical" and I said, "So, what if I am?"
Name: Rebecca Sidener
Comment:I don't believe that there really exists a "Ginny" Harlow. Is this some kind of joke?
Name: Carolyn Landwehr
Email: cwily3@aol.com
Comment:I saw you in aug.went i came to k.c. to visit my beautiful sister(with a great personality i might add)gail anne-see ya next year...it was fun!
Name:Mr. T
Email: inchains@themall.com
Comment:Hey! How 'bout you let me be yo bouncer!
Name: Darcy
Comment:Congratulations guys!
Name: Jo Verba
Email: jverba@dfas.mil
Name: Cindy Melton
Email: cmelton@kc.rr.com
Comment:Hey Bruce nice......Jo gave me the address. We'll see ya soon.....
Name: shane mcbride
Email: soccer26@planetkc.com
Name: muffie
Email: muffysends@magicaldesk.com
Comment:great site!It looks pretty good too.Best of luck to all of you,& happy holidays.
Name: Lana Bening
Email: Lana.Bening@bankofamerica.com
Comment:I enjoy your Saturday sessions at the Levee.
Name: butch
Comment:play "over by the window",.. I'll help you out!!!
Name: shane mcbride
Email: soccer26@planetkc.com
Comment:i hope to be going to alot more thursday's and saterday gigs best of luck to all
Name: Andrew Masters
Email: cs0ama@hotmail.com
Comment:This is a cool web page! Please, everyone, visit my web page and sign my guestbook! My web address is: http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Horizon/5384
Name: Dan
Email: dansibm@planetkc.com
Comment:You guys never disappoint the crowd at the Levee which is definitely Kansas City's best kept secret for live music on Saturday night. Keep rocking and record another CD OK?
Name: J. Workman
Email: www.workmanpanoramic@msn.com
Comment:Hey Guys, Long time no see. Maybe we can hook up this year. Happy Holidays. Check out www.Powdermunki.com Take it easy,Jeff
Greg Camp
Jimmy Harlow
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